At Leadline Marketing, our process is guided by our core values. These five guardrails lead the way on everything we do and help maximize the return on investment for our clients.

  1. Work Creatively + Critically
    • Be intelligently curious. There are things to be discovered. Asking “why” is the basis of both creativity and critical thinking. Be proactive and exercise good judgment. Every part of our marketing must be purposeful and intentional.
  2. Be Disruptive + Compelling
    • Our marketing must stand out in a sea of messaging. Take smart risks and expect a return on investment. In our work, in our conversations, and in our efforts, we must surprise and delight our customers and our fellow employees.
  3. Value Relationships
    • We have an analog culture inside a digital world. The heart of our business is people. So, we practice intentionality, kindness, and patience with everyone, both inside our walls and out. Not just because it benefits us, but because it’s the right thing to do. Strive to know people’s names and invest in relationships because people must feel valued.
  4. Prize Reputation
    • Honesty and integrity are the coin of the realm. Our business and personal brand reputation is our currency. Therefore we esteem the character of our business, our client’s businesses and ourselves. We put our principles into practice.
  5. Love the Process
    • Process is what we do. The process is about seeking a better “how.” Every product, project, and job position has its processes. Just like our business, processes are meant to adapt and get better. Because, in our journey, we are never satisfied. To be here is to love the process.