Capturing the attention of your target audience is no small task in today’s world. Between differentiating from your competition and mastering unique, memorable branding across many different channels, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lost.

Personas are a great way to avoid this by narrowing your focus with some specific descriptors and attributes. You’ve perhaps seen this in action with buyer personas—they’re excellent tools for narrowing a target audience and aligning sales and marketing efforts.

A brand persona takes this idea a step further—establishing your brand’s unique positioning, customer promise and core attributes to guide everything from creative and key messaging to which channels get prioritized in marketing efforts.

What is a Brand Persona?

A brand persona is an internal resource that spells out the brand’s purpose, promise, core values and attributes. Unlike a buyer persona, a brand persona isn’t a named avatar; it’s a personality based on a brand’s core values, mission statement and aspirational goals.

At Leadline, developing a brand persona with a client is the first step in any creative project. We call it a “creative stake in the ground” for all of us to refer back to—it is your brand’s north star.

Why it’s the First Step in Our Process

“Personifying” your brand may sound silly, but it’s an exercise that helps everyone by bringing your existing mission, core values and personality into a clear, actionable focus for everyone. We “get to know” your existing brand well enough to expand and creatively enhance it or rebuild it into a new iteration, depending on your goals.

If you don’t have a mission statement and/or core values, our brand persona is a fantastic opportunity to build them alongside creative professionals who know how to position your business in a competitive market.

As we continue our project and build deliverables like video content, social media posts, web pages and campaign ads, every creative decision is made with the brand persona in mind—does this message align with what and who we’ve agreed your brand is?

Looking to create your own Brand Persona? Check out our toolkit.

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