1. Opportunity

    The company is a market leader of band saws for different cutting applications, but a lack of brand cohesion and a difficult-to-use website hosted on an outdated platform was limiting potential business growth.

  2. Targeted Outcomes

    Create a better, more functional website on a newer, updated platform to improve user experience, while also aligning the look and feel with the company’s other brands.

  3. Results

    An innovative addition to the website called the “Saw Selector” improved customer experience by taking the user through a series of questions to determine the right product for them.

  4. How We Got There

    Leadline transitioned the website to an easy-to-use platform, and introduced a revolutionary new tool to streamline customer success: the Saw Selector. This tool takes customers through a series of questions based on their needs and guides them to the type and shape of material they need to cut.