• //   Macro vs Micro Influencers: What They Are & How to Determine the Right Fit

    Influencer marketing has become a powerhouse in digital marketing strategies in recent years. Influencers connect with their audiences in meaningful and authentic ways that traditional “marketing” never has. Around 90 percent of consumers prefer recommendations from trusted family or friends rather than advertising–thanks to the parasocial nature of influencer content,… Read More
  • //   Magna Cart Influencer Retail Campaign

    How A Leadline Campaign Cleared Shelves of Our Client’s Product in Weeks We teamed up with a 3M+ follower influencer to highlight our client’s product—it sold out fast enough for bigger wins. WelCom Products manufactures consumer folding hand trucks and carts—they came to Leadline for help launching their product in… Read More
  • //   How We Helped a Credit Union Resonate With a Younger Audience

    Overview Oklahoma Central Credit Union (OCCU) came to Leadline in 2023 with a marketing budget and a desire to increase brand awareness and resonance among Tulsa’s 25—35-year-olds. They had already achieved lowering their customers’ average age and wanted to build on this success with authentic online engagement and relevance. We… Read More
  • //   How To Show ROI On Marketing Efforts

    With any investment, the goal is to get a return. Businesses investing in marketing are no different, but many struggle to connect their marketing efforts to revenue or cost reduction. Compounding the problem, marketers have traditionally used advertising speak rather than business language. This failure to translate has been a… Read More
  • //   Project LAB: Where Innovation and Marketing Converge

    Understanding and predicting consumer behavior is like trying to solve a constantly evolving puzzle—it’s not impossible, but patterns appear and disappear very quickly. Staying ahead of the curve is a hands-on process of experimenting and trial and error.  Enter Project LAB, an internal Leadline Marketing team dedicated to experimenting with… Read More