A Leadline client needed a strong recruitment campaign to meet growth objectives and tap into major sales opportunities.

Campaign Overview

A national realty company specializing in recreational, farming and ranching land came to Leadline needing more Land Agents—they had already identified exponential growth opportunities in the ten states they serve but could only realize them with more Land Agents on staff. 

Leadline developed a data-driven strategy leveraging excellent content/messaging and precise audience targeting to position our client as an ideal employer in front of the right audiences. After implementing our solutions, the client received more qualified applicants in the first week than they had in the previous six months combined.

The Challenge

As a fast-growing realty group in a niche market, our client was ready to expand its business; all it needed was more qualified land agents to broker transactions. Our client needed uniquely qualified candidates knowledgeable in land management with a knack for sales and a love of the outdoors.

The Solution

The Leadline team started by reviewing our client’s data and cross-referencing it with our own market research. From there, we built a winning strategy and deployed a multi-channel paid campaign to drive traffic to a custom landing page. Applicants could submit their information or proceed to the client’s full website to learn more.

After a thorough audit and client data review, the Leadline team conducted interviews and research to define exactly what makes a successful Land Agent for our client. Combining all our insights, Leadline developed a strong paid campaign strategy with well-targeted audience personas.

To deliver the right message to the right audience, we developed top-tier video content illustrating Land Agent work in a compelling, captivating way. Videos were distributed in multi-channel ads targeted to specific audience personas, driving traffic to a custom landing page.

Building on our client’s previous advertising data, we were able to track and optimize this recruitment campaign for more qualified applicants, treating an application submission as “conversion” in the customer journey.

The Outcomes

Our client saw an immediate uptick in applications—more in one week than the previous six months combined. 

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