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Sarah Jordan

Every day is different...

I love helping us do great work for our clients, getting them the results they want, helping customers grow their business.

Sarah Jordan

Sarah Jordan is the Chief Operating Officer at Leadline Marketing. She takes a holistic view of the company and the work with our clients, leading to an optimal and beneficial relationship.

Sarah graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Marketing. She started her career at Downtown Tulsa Unlimited and has amassed almost 20 years of marketing experience. She joined Leadline in 2018, first as a senior account executive, before moving up to director of account service, VP of account service, and now Chief Operating Officer.

Her favorite part of the job is that nothing is repetitive, no two days are the same, and she gets to interact with every single person in the company.

Sarah can be found volunteering all over Tulsa and raising money for her favorite non-profit organizations. She has chaired or co-chaired multiple fundraising events and enjoys giving back to the community.

Sarah and her husband have two children, and in her free time, she enjoys crafting, traveling, and watching reruns of Friends, even though she’s “seen every episode a thousand times.”