A manufacturing client leveraged Leadline’s innovative web design services to revitalize their customer experience completely.

Project Overview

A leading manufacturer of top-quality, American-made band saws came to Leadline looking to grow their business—together, we identified stronger brand identity/recognition and a more efficient online customer experience as our key outcomes.

The Challenge

Our client holds more patents than any other company in the industry and offers more than 70 different models of production band saws for metalworking. However, their branding failed to communicate this, translating as incoherent and inconsistent with the company’s other brands. Additionally, their website was badly outdated, with an inefficient user interface that slowed conversions.

The Solution

Leadline’s creative and development teams collaborated to migrate the client’s existing site to a newer, better platform, redesign the site’s look and feel for brand cohesion without re-branding the business, and organize site content and product information with prospective customers in mind.

Our client’s distinctive name and logo already had strong equity in their industry and target markets, so a rebrand was not in the strategy. Instead, Leadline creatives re-mapped the site, placing product and service information front and center and using the brand’s existing color palette to liven up information blocks and UI elements.

Leadline designers also developed a bespoke filtering tool to help customers quickly identify what they’re looking for among our client’s myriad products and services.

Our in-house development team migrated the client’s original site to a new content management system, placing site control and editing back in the client’s hands and ensuring a better user experience for current and prospective customers. Additionally, a new site platform provided clearer SEO and user behavior insights for iterative updates to the site.

The Outcomes

The new sitemap, design and UX improvements dramatically increased our client’s site performance in just a few months. 

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