Premium Service for All Your Video Strategies

Gone are the days when “video” meant “expensive, time-consuming, inefficient and television.” Now, it could be as simple as something shot on a smartphone for a quick social media post or website content, or it could be scaled up to a full video production that becomes a television commercial.

The goal of marketing is to inform customers about your business, and strategic use of video is a key part of any well-rounded digital marketing plan.

Video helps drive your outcomes by:

  • Reaching your target audience via multiple platforms
  • Telling your brand’s story
  • Connecting on a more personal level than text alone

Premium Service for All Your Video Strategies


Your Success is Our Success

Everyone on our team – from accounts executives to creatives – is hyper-focused on the outcome you set as your ultimate goal and what we can do to help you accomplish that. Your success is our success, and if any aspect of your digital marketing plan doesn’t help achieve your specific, stated outcome, we won’t waste your time or capital. Marketing is an investment, not just a spend, and our job is to maximize the performance of your marketing and your return on that investment.

High-quality video work can answer questions about your business, service or product. What do you provide? What common questions do your existing customers have? What are some problems people face that your product or service could solve? Video is a great way to provide answers to those questions and tell those stories in a way that is approachable and relatable to a potential customer. When tone of voice is so crucial to effective communication, video provides that opportunity, which is limited in text or still graphics only.

Your Success is Our Success


Driving Your Business Toward Its Outcome

Whatever the need or desired goal, Leadline’s in-house expert video team can accomplish it, driving your business toward its outcome. From storyboarding and conceptualizing to shooting, editing and final production, our account executives keep you informed of the process, and once your video is deployed, you can see how it is performing and affecting your marketing success thanks to our business analytics team. They monitor and track your marketing data and provide a client-facing dashboard that allows you to see how your marketing is performing in virtually real time.

Leadline Performance Marketing is outcomes-focused in all we do. We want to help you reach your goals, period, and that includes work from our video team. We provide turnkey, full-stack digital marketing campaigns to businesses and brands that are just starting out or want a fresh start, or we can audit and optimize your existing campaign, identifying areas of strength to maximize and areas of weakness to improve.

Few things can elevate a brand’s identity and reputation like well-produced, high-quality video work. At Leadline, we provide all you need to optimize your performance and maximize your return on investment.

Driving Your Business Toward Its Outcome



Leadline helps close the gap between marketing and sales. We are a full-service, premium performance marketing firm devoted to data-based solutions for your digital marketing needs. We want to help you build your entire strategy to accomplish the goals you need.

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