Our Story: Leadline Performance Marketing

Leadline Performance Marketing was born out of a single question: Why?

In his more than 30 years of experience, our founder, Dan Winders, saw businesses struggling with answering the why of their marketing strategies and realized there was a need for a whole new approach to digital marketing, one tailored to business people, focused on data, metrics, and empirical outcomes.

Dan partnered with Chris Cadieux, who brought a wealth of knowledge from his two decades at QuikTrip, and together, they founded Leadline in 2020 as a company of business people talking to business people about marketing. As the company grew, Matt Whitman came aboard as managing principal in March of 2022 with 15 years of national brand marketing and media planning experience, bringing valuable insights and expertise to the leadership team.

Our Story: Leadline Performance Marketing


Close the Gap Between Marketing and Sales

Leadline was founded out of a need for a company that understood how marketing translates to the success of businesses. There was a gap between marketing and sales that Dan, Chris, and Matt aimed to close by helping businesses first understand why marketing benefits them and how they can maximize their return on investment.

Located on Boulder Avenue in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our focus is producing measurable outcomes for our clients to help them achieve business success.

Close the Gap Between Marketing and Sales


What to Expect as a Client

  1. 01
    We strive to be up front and open about our process and our progress on your project. We will notify you as early as possible if the project timeline needs to be adjusted for any reason. If any changes or additions to the agreed-upon work scope are necessary, we will discuss them together, make a plan, and review how they impact the project scope and timeline.
  2. 02
    We strive to reply to all client communication within a maximum of four business hours. We provide a weekly status report and update covering all projects and deliverables. A meeting recap email is provided after every meeting or video based call documenting action items and commitment dates.
  3. 03
    Your project team will be composed of multi-disciplinary experts working together to create the best product and experience for you. We will share our expertise and make any recommendations required to ensure the project is successful.
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    We strive to provide high-quality deliverables that meet project objectives and meet your expectations. We are committed to working with you to resolve any issues or concerns that arise during the course of the project. We are committed to the highest levels of quality work product, client satisfaction and service.
Core Values

Everything we do is guided by our five core values: Work creatively and critically, be disruptive and compelling, value relationships, prize reputation and love the process.


Our approach sets us apart: Data-driven, outcomes-focused, specifically targeted on achieving our client’s goals with strategic and specific marketing tactics.


We are business people speaking to business people who happen to be the smartest executives, managers, and creatives around. We all pull on the same rope to achieve client success.


Leadline is an exciting, fast-paced environment where no two days are the same, and employees can make a real difference. We are committed to employee growth, development, and work-life balance.


Leadline closes the gap between marketing and sales. We’re excited to help companies achieve success through true, measurable outcomes and our brand of performance marketing. Let’s get to work.

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