Whether you’re a seasoned marketing professional or new to the game, understanding the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of successful solutions is extremely valuable.

Here, we’ve compiled some insights on our foundational marketing strategies, thoughts on the industry and valuable lessons we’ve learned from years of driving outcomes for clients.

// Strategy + Marketing Intelligence
Macro vs Micro Influencers: What They Are & How to Determine the Right Fit
Influencer marketing has become a powerhouse in digital marketing strategies in recent years. Influencers connect with their audiences in meaningful and authentic ways that traditional “marketing” never has. Around 90 percent of consumers prefer recommendations from trusted family or friends rather than advertising–thanks to the parasocial nature of influencer content,… Read More
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// Strategy + Marketing Intelligence
How To Show ROI On Marketing Efforts
With any investment, the goal is to get a return. Businesses investing in marketing are no different, but many struggle to connect their marketing efforts to revenue or cost reduction. Compounding the problem, marketers have traditionally used advertising speak rather than business language. This failure to translate has been a… Read More
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// Performance Marketing
How Outcome-Based Marketing Grows Businesses
How Outcome-Based Marketing Grows Businesses Whether or not an ad campaign “worked” is a question sales and marketing teams have wrestled with since print was the only mass media. In a digital age with more channels, more targeting and customer behavior tracking, this question is somehow just as difficult—if… Read More
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// Digital Services Case Study
How Leadline Helped A Leading Saw Manufacturer Drastically Improve Customer Experience
A manufacturing client leveraged Leadline’s innovative web design services to revitalize their customer experience completely. Project Overview A leading manufacturer of top-quality, American-made band saws came to Leadline looking to grow their business—together, we identified stronger brand identity/recognition and a more efficient online customer experience as our key outcomes. The… Read More
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// Performance Marketing Case Study
How Leadline Increased Agent Applications for a National Realty Company by 700%
A Leadline client needed a strong recruitment campaign to meet growth objectives and tap into major sales opportunities. Campaign Overview A national realty company specializing in recreational, farming and ranching land came to Leadline needing more Land Agents—they had already identified exponential growth opportunities in the ten states they serve… Read More
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